Our health care system is broken.

Patients aren’t happy.

Providers aren’t happy.

Companies that provide insurance benefits aren’t happy.

Small businesses can’t find insurance benefits that are affordable.

Insurance companies demand higher and higher premiums,

while raising deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance.

And in between patients, providers, and employers are

bureaucracies and lawyers ad nauseaum.

I’ve seen this first-hand, as a patient and as a provider.

There MUST be a better way!

Welcome to Pursuit of Healthyness!

An organization of health care providers who spend time with you individually

and provide a wide range of evidence-based treatment modalities for you to choose from.

Just you and your provider pursuing YOUR best, most vital, health possible.

  • Being proactive about environmental and occupational exposures that affect your health.

  • Being aware of your genetic predispositions.

  • Following evidence-based practices from many disciplines.

  • Enjoying whole, nutrient-dense food to sustain you.

We believe we can change health care - one patient at a time.

Our Mission

Changing Health Care, one patient at a time.


Our Vision

Every patient has the knowledge, skills, and

support they need for their

Pursuit of Healthyness.

How is your Pursuit of Healthyness going?